Job Board

Date Title Type Location
11-6-18 Sid and Cathy Batts Pastoral Residency Program - Greensboro, NC Full Time Ministry (ordained) Greensboro, NC
11-6-18 Associate Pastor - Los Angeles, CA Full Time Ministry (ordained) Los Angeles, CA
10-2-18 Solo Pastor - Elkhart, IN Full Time Ministry (ordained) Elkhart, IN
09-25-18 Associate Pastor (Bridge) - Mequon, WI Full Time Ministry (ordained) Mequon, WI
09-20-18 Two Positions: Director of Youth Ministry; Director of Children's Ministry Part Time Ministry (non-ordained) Barrington, IL
09-25-18 Bible Faculty Position - Chicago, IL Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Hyde Park in Chicago
09-17-18 Spiritual and Youth Development Coordinator - Park Ridge, IL Part Time Ministry (non-ordained) Park Ridge, IL
09-17-18 Worship Pastor, Arlington, WA Full Time Ministry (ordained) Arlington, WA
09-17-18 Solo Pastor - Big Flats, NY Part Time Ministry (ordained) Big Flats, NY
08-23-18 Senior Pastor - Oakland, CA Full Time Ministry (ordained) Oakland, CA
08-21-18 Full-Time Temporary Supply Pastor, Head of Staff - Detroit, MI Full Time Ministry (ordained) Detroit, MI
08-16-18 Community and Congregational Relations Coordinator - Chicago, IL Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Chicago, IL
08-16-18 Solo Pastor - LaGrange, IL Part Time Ministry (ordained) LaGrange, IL 60525
08-16-18 Solo Pastor / Head of Staff - Storm Lake, Iowa Full Time Ministry (ordained) Storm Lake, Iowa
11-6-18 Chicago Covenant Presbyterian Church Openings - Glenview, IL Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Glenview, IL
08-2-18 Associate Pastor for Youth and Family Ministry - Delaware, OH Full Time Ministry (ordained) Delaware, OH
07-31-18 Associate Pastor for Youth Ministry - Bryn Mawr, PA Full Time Ministry (ordained) Bryn Mawr, PA
07-31-18 Director of Children's Education - Elmhurst, IL Part Time Ministry (non-ordained) Elmhurst, IL
07-31-18 Pastor (for a designated term) - Mountainburg, AR Part Time Ministry (ordained) Mountainburg, AR
07-26-18 Solo Pastor - Iola, KS Full Time Ministry (ordained) Iola, KS
07-26-18 Part-Time Music Minister - Chicago, IL Part Time Ministry (non-ordained) Chicago, IL
07-26-18 Director of Youth Ministries - Naperville, Il Part Time Ministry (non-ordained) Naperville, IL
07-26-18 Director of Children and Families Ministries - Naperville, IL Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Naperville, IL
07-26-18 Solo Pastor - Phitsanulok, Thailand Full Time Ministry (ordained) Phitsanulok, Thailand
07-26-18 Associate Minister - NY, NY Full Time Ministry (ordained) New York, NY