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Listed 03-08-2018
First Presbyterian Church, 925 N. H Street, Broken Bow, NE 68822. Phone: 308-872-2302. Web site:
Broken Bow, NE
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This would be eligible for a first call! Church provides a Manse. Be sure to check out their MIF#: 04506.AD0 at the

Broken Bow is a friendly, small city of around 3,600, in Custer County, Nebraska.  It is the county seat of Custer County. Located north of I-80, it's situated between Grand Island and North Platte. 

FPCBB's (First Presbyterian Church Broken Bow) vision is to know Christ and to make Christ known. FPCBB hopes to awaken a call to action for our vision through established programs and expand opportunities to learn and grow as followers of Christ in ways that will attract young families, nurture our seniors and engage any who want to grow in their faith. FPCBB wants to become a visible example of God's grace and Jesus's example. FPCBB desires to be a safe and caring refuge in our community. This vision will be lived out by demonstrating God's love and Jesus's example through each member's behaviors and commitment, through outreach within the community and the world, and through the expression of enthusiasm for our faith. By maintaining established, successful programs such as Quigley's, our youth program (J-Squad) and a strong music ministry, FPCBB can establish a reputation in the community of openness, acceptance and grace. Expanding our outreach, educational and ecumenical programs, FPCBB can secure its future as a vital and active church in our area

FPCBB feels called to address emerging needs of our community by being engaged. In order to recognize the needs of our area, we need to be involved in civic as well as church organizations and have a willingness to serve those who suffer emotionally, medically, financially and spiritually. In order to address the emerging needs of our community, we must demonstrate a personal relationship with God through our day to day living. As a church, we must delight in being in conversation with all in our community professionally and informally. We must be curious about those who think differently from us as well as see the good in people and sustain a sense of hope for the world.

We are looking for an individual who uses life experience as a potential tool for growth; someone that has strong personal depth and spiritual grounding; has integrity in his or her personal/professional choices; an individual who is willing to seek the guidance of mentors, maintain stability in the moment and hope for the future. We are seeking a person who is able to inspire from the pulpit by communicating a clear, consistent message through prayerfully prepared sermons; a communicator who listens actively, is comfortable addressing a variety of topics; an individual who is comfortable navigating with technology. We seek an individual who is able to make effective decisions by balancing analysis, wisdom, experience and judgment. A person who has the ability to lead the change process by effectively using existing and new resources. We expect a willingness to take reasonable risk to further our church's vision and mission; an individual that is able to encourage dialogue, create an environment of belonging and collaboration; is also a good judge of the talents available within the congregation and has the ability to build solid relationships of trust and respect inside/outside our church; a motivator who influences others toward a spirit of service, enables others to acquire the tools and support to further our church's mission/vision; a bridge builder who is willing to learn from adversity, is adaptable, resilient, flexible.

The primary responsibilities of this person will be to lead the worship life of the congregation, administer the sacraments and pray with and for the congregation. We hope for a minister to be helpful to members in organizing and carrying out Christian Education (worship, studies and youth programs), Outreach (evangelism, visitation), Business (finance and maintenance) and to Minister (by preparation and delivery of sermons and other worship components). We are looking for an individual who can guide our church to expand its educational programs and outreach. We hope for a minister who is enthusiastic to minister to those who are physically, emotionally and spiritually hungry and motivate our members to serve, to seek the Truth through study and worship and deepen our relationships with one another and with God.

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