Womanist & Feminist Approaches to Pastoral Care & Counseling


Field of Study
Class #
MPC 337
Stephanie Crumpton
Currently Offered?
Spring 2019
Start Date
End Date
Wednesdays, 2:00 to 4:50 p.m.

Pre-Requisite Course: Intro to Pastoral Care

This course focuses on developing frames of reference for responding to the unique concerns women present for pastoral care and counseling. It is designed to develop knowledge about particular social and cultural concerns related to women as both care provider and care seeker. Texts will introduce Womanist and Feminist pastoral theologians and practitioners as dialogue partners who in examining the cultural assumptions and practices that impact women’s notions of God and sense of herself in community. Attention will also focus on cultivating students’ own self-awareness of how they experience and respond to these cultural assumptions and practices. The intended outcome of bringing these bodies of knowledge together is to develop a caring response that is ultimately liberating and empowering for women who seek the support of pastoral professionals.

Instructor: Stephanie Crumpton