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Become a part of the 2020 cohort of the RISE National Mentoring Network of Women Color. Apply today!

Rise is a female mentorship network that connects women of color seminary students and early to mid-career clergy to experienced women ministers, senior pastors, faculty, and community leaders, to an intergenerational learning community. We are in our second year of work with a powerful group of women in Chicago who have been deeply dedicated to discerning God's call in the company of other women in ministry. These connections create much needed safe spaces and mentoring relationships where the collective wisdom of women-centered communities promote experiences of Renewal, Inspiration, Support, and Empowerment.

“As a young woman in ministry, RISE has been the sacred community I’ve longed for and the protective incubator I never knew I needed. Over the past year, my cohort has served as a safe space for me to make sense of the many faces of ministry - the good, the bad, and the indifferent.”
          ~ Atlanta RISE Cohort member

Applications for the 2020 cohort of RISE wo-mentees are now being received. Deadline is November 15, 2019.

RISE gathering spaces within theological seminaries and faith-based community organizations, offer breathtaking moments for self-care and renewal. Women of color ministry leaders gather in authentic and affirming safe spaces where they are inspired by the witness of sisters and empowered to give voice to difficult experiences as they “do the work their souls must have.” Read more here.