Arrival of African Christianity

The Old Plantation, c. 1790.


Rev. Dr. David Daniels, III, has written a reflection prompted by the recent 1619 Project. Here's a snippet: 

The 1619 Project invites Black Church Studies seemingly to join its intellectual revolution.  In reframing the origins of the African American Christianity, the arrival of African Christians in August of 1619 to Colonial Virginia and later to Colonial Maryland, New York (Dutch New Netherlands), and the Carolinas might become the new inaugural moment of the Black Church.  African Christianity rather than the “slave religion” of the plantation might serve as a founding source of the Christianity of Black people in North America. 

Read his full reflection here

Image Credit: The Old Plantation, c. 1790. Enslaved Africans on a South Carolinan plantation. Image in the public domain, sourced from Wikipedia.