Hwang, Eun Young

Eun Young Hwang feels very much honored to have a chance to participate in Martin Marty Fellowship program and its vision of forging a dialogue on religious life between academia and the public sphere. He has worked on religious vision, therapeutics, and moral transformation in the context of one’s ordinary life as well as the possibility of cross-cultural comparison and its method. His research examines how two thinkers in historically unrelated religious-cultural traditions, Augustine, a Catholic Christian thinker in the 5th century Roman Empire, and Zhi Yi, a Tiantai Buddhist thinker in the 6th century Sui China, can be set in comparison in terms of the issue of ordinary virtue. He is working on how Augustine and Zhi Yi reveal similarities and differences in their views of living out one’s own vision throughout ordinary encounters with things, affairs and persons. He's also very excited at having this wonderful opportunity to work together with colleagues of different disciplines, to forge some contact points between academic questions and the wider public interest.

Eun Young Hwang
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Field of Study:
Moral Transformation