Kim, Dae Sung

D. S. Kim is a historian and Presbyterian minister and is the Director of the Korean-American Doctor of Ministry Cohort. He completed his Ph. D. in History of Christianity at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. He is a McCormick graduate (MATS, 2003) and ordained minister of Presbyterian Church of Korea after earning M. Div. degree from Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Seoul.

He returned to McCormick as an adjunct instructor, teaching American Presbyterianism and Research Methods since spring 2012. His specialty includes history of missions and Asian/Asian-American Christianity.

His present passion focuses on writing a mission history through missionary biographies and joining a publishing project about history of Korean Churches in the Chicago Area. He is also an interim preacher in local Korean American churches. He loves baseball, Lake Michigan, and ABBA.

Dae Sung Kim
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Director of the Korean-American Doctor of Ministry Cohort