Science for Seminaries

Rev. Dr. Anna Case Winters and Dr. Reggie Williams



Fostering dialogue between religious and scientific communities since 1995

"With the Science for Seminary grant funds, we have been able to redesign two required courses with a view to science engagement: Introduction to Theology and Introduction to Ethics. We have also provided a four-part program of incentivized continuing education in science for faculty. Two major science events have been held in conjunction with the courses and the continuing education for faculty. These have included a keynote presentation and reception open to the wider community. The first keynote, Dr. Grace Wolf-Chase, an astronomer at Adler Planetarium, presented on 'Stars, Planets, and Prospects for Extraterrestrial Life in our Interactive Cosmos.' Dr. Ron Cole-Turner, Professor of Ethics at Pittsburg Seminary, presented on 'Rethinking Resurrection in an Age of Human Enhancement Technologies' at the second keynote.

"McCormick Seminary is committed to preparing men and women for ministry that will be faithful, relevant, and effective in our contemporary context. For religious leaders today, capacity for thoughtful interaction with the sciences is not optional—it is essential. People of faith engage science daily, and there are scientists and science teachers in the pews of our churches. How are these church members integrating what they are learning from science sources with the life of faith? How can their pastors help?

Our program will extend into the next academic year with Brother Guy Consolmagno, the Vatican Astronomer, presenting on 'Science, Faith and the Common Good.'"

What we find is that the really big questions people of faith are asking are, in fact, deepened and illumined through engagement with science. Faith and science are both inspired by a deep sense wonder. This common root of wonder leads to awe and to inquiry."

               ~ Anna and Reggie