Vocational Discernment Class

Vocational Discernment: Two Paths


Vocational Discernment: A graduate level online course offered by McCormick Seminary

McCormick Seminary is again offering an online course entitled Vocational Discernment, part of a pilot program designed especially for young people involved in service programs. This course provides a space for conversation and reflection on important points of decision: justice in the world, community, life stories, sustainability, religion/spirituality, vocation vs. job/career, self-in relation to others, and service. Students will have a workable method to discuss discernment with colleagues in the class and to try out discernment activities within their own contexts and community. The pedagogy of this course is participatory, so all participants will be asked to be co-creators of the class, contributing ideas and experience as we move forward in discernment. The course is designed to meet students wherever they are, to complement and enhance student experience in volunteer programs and intentional communities. All course materials will be available online. Enrollment is limited to twenty.

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