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Associate Pastor for Campus Ministry - Tuscaloosa, AL


Listed 05-30-2019
First Presbyterian Church, 900 Greensboro Ave, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 | 205-752-3531 |
Tuscaloosa, AL
Start Date
Full Time

Qualifications and Qualities
The Associate Pastor for Campus Ministry will lead with a passion for Jesus Christ, demonstrate a love of college students, and embody a commitment to Christ’s church. The Campus Minister will be an engaging yet humble leader who will sit with and listen to students as they ask tough questions and struggle with their understanding of faith and also hold students accountable to their calling as children of God. The Campus Minister will love students unconditionally and communicate the gospel of Christ and God’s love for them in relevant, effective and theologically responsible ways within the Reformed tradition. The Campus Minister will be an energetic, creative self-starter who takes initiative and follows through with a schedule flexible to student needs and the hours they are available. The Campus Minister will demonstrate a commitment to the ministry of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and a desire to connect college students to Christ and to the ministry of the church.

1. Create opportunities to support and extend the love, hospitality and grace of Jesus Christ to college students.
2. Supervise day-to-day opportunities for discipleship, scholarship, fellowship, worship, and mission.
3. Foster student leadership in the planning and implementation of programs relating to campus ministry and the greater life of the church.
4. Provide leadership in administering the daily tasks of campus ministry.
5. Participate in campus life with compassion for college students and a passion for sharing with them in ministry.
6. Encourage the congregation of FPC to be involved in supporting programs and build relationships with college students.
7. Serve as the Staff liason to the Campus Ministry Committee and the UPerk Board. While the Campus Minister will be expected to coordinate with and support the Mission of UPerk (, the position of Executive Director of UPerk will not be held by the Campus Minister.
8. Promote campus ministry as an ambassador for college ministry to the community, local churches, and the larger church.
9. While the undeniable emphasis is placed on Campus Ministry, the Associate Pastor for Campus Ministry will be a natural conduit between the congregation and the college students. In order to foster relationships between the campus and congregation, the Campus Minister will:
     * provide leadership in the worshipping life of FPC, regularly leading liturgy and occasionally preaching.
     * participate with other Pastors in rotation of visits and calls, as well as provide Pastoral Care to members of the church.
     * will serve on the staff and seek to foster collegial, cooperative relationships.
     * occasionally serve in other areas of ministry when needs arise.
10. Serve in Presbytery and the larger church where skills/interests are best suited.

Accountability and Division of Responsibilities
The Associate Pastor for Campus Ministry serves under the supervision of the Head of Staff and is ultimately accountable to the Session through the Personnel Committee.

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