Associate Pastor - Holt, MI


Listed 02-21-2019
First Presbyterian Church, 2021 North Aurelius Rd., Holt, MI 48843 | 517-694-8151 |
Holt, MI
Start Date
Full Time

Be sure to check out their MIF #: 03293.AC0 at the for additional information and self-referral instructions. This position is suitable for a first call; housing allowance available. Please contact:
Theresa Barnes-Holmstrom
APNC Chair

When you walk through the doors of Holt First Presbyterian, you will find an affirming, welcoming and generous group of believers who want to do so much more than sit in a pew. Our Lord leverages our God-given talents as we strive to live authentic, faithful lives. We want to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ!

We see God’s hand at work in our individual lives, through our local community, and our world through mission partnerships.

As our faith grows and evolves, we are committed to seeing all persons through the eyes of our Creator—with love, integrity, and compassion. With our prayers, actions, and gifts, we continually strive to exhibit the kingdom of heaven to the world. 

Boring doesn’t work for God. Why should it work for the church? 

FPC-Holt is searching for a partner to join us in our dynamic ministry. We’re looking for an Associate Pastor who will serve as a generalist with an emphasis on Christian Education and pastoral care that will work with our head of staff and our congregation as we seek to courageously follow Christ wherever he leads us.

As can be seen by the description of our ministries, the successful candidate will have a passion for hands-on service. They should be a self-starter and be able to work in independently while in a strong collaborative setting with an experienced and energetic head of staff. The candidate should have the ability to both assist and lead in all components of the ministry.

We are looking for an individual with strong communication skills. Our worship and CE settings have capacity for multimedia audio and video components. We are seeking a candidate who has a deep love of the Reformed tradition and a passion for using all the resources available to them to creatively express that faith. 

In 2018, our ministry celebrates 153 years of worship and service. We are looking for a candidate who is excited to carry that tradition forward in fresh and engaging ways that help grow the Body of Christ and serve the world around us. As our mission statement says, we believe that by the power of the Holy Spirit, the transforming love of Jesus Christ is working through us to do the unimaginable!

The Associate Pastor we seek will help us find ways to enrich the faith of our congregation, our community and our world. This position enables us to advance God’s vision of service and worship in our lives through:

  • Education - primary leadership, actively leading and inspiring Christian Education for all ages that invigorates the spirit.
  • Pastoral Care - providing primary leadership to strengthen presence for acute and long term care. Working with the Deacons, Head of Staff, and the congregation to provide consistent and comprehensive pastoral care.
  • Worship - collaborate with the head of staff to enhance worship experiences in new and creative ways Visitors - encourage those who have been led through our doors to embrace the opportunities before them
  • New Membership - welcoming all newcomers and facilitating their assimilation into the church family

In Our Community by:

  • Sharing the love of Christ through our existing outreach ministries while looking for new opportunities to engage our neighbors

Our World by:

  • New immigrants - strengthen our capacity to assist those settling in the area
  • Global partners - providing support for our existing ministries in Uganda, Mexico, and Scotland

These are many of the areas of our church that we know will be served and benefit from an associate pastor. Inspired by this individual, our congregation looks forward to continued exploration and discernment of ways we can reach out to meet other emerging needs within our congregation and the world outside our doors.

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