Part-Time Worship Leader - Hyde Park, Chicago, IL


Listed 03-13-2019
Church of the Shepherd ✙ Hyde Park, 5139 South Dorchester Avenue, Chicago, IL 60615 | 773.831.8876 |
Hyde Park, Chicago, IL
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Part Time

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Church of the Shepherd is looking for a part-time worship leader to serve our Church in the upcoming 2019/20 year, with possible longer-term potential. We are a small congregation in the diverse neighborhood of Hyde Park. Though we only have 25-30 people, we have consistently had vibrant worship, with piano, guitar, violin, and cello. As three of our musicians are moving away this summer, including one of our two worship leaders, we are looking for someone who can join our team and help lead us in this next season of worship.

Church of the Shepherd is a small urban church in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, near to the University of Chicago. We are a member of the Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination and have been a congregation for about 35 years.

Our mission as a body is “Living in Christ • With One Another • For the Sake of God's Mission in Hyde Park and the World.” We live out this mission through a vibrant and tight-knit community that values time together as well as service to our community all undergirded by our devotion to Christ and pursuit of spiritual growth together. 

We are a unique and special congregation in a number of ways, not the least of which is that we meet for worship on the third floor of a big old house, a house in which one of our pastors and one of our worship leaders also live. The house is a very important part of our community, a resource that God has blessed us with and serves as the center of much of our ministry.

We are also unique in how we model a co-pastoral model. We believe this is a great strength of our ministry and gives us a special ability to model and teach a form of church leadership that is often underutilized in churches.

Lastly, we strongly believe in being a church where everyone gets to participate in whatever ways their gifting may lead them. We are a church where “everyone gets to play.” Because we are a transient community, we have very few embedded historical traditions, which allows for a great freedom for people to try new things. This means we encourage people to try new things, be they in existing ministries or new if they feel God is leading them in a specific direction. This also means that we encourage failure, for it is through failure that we learn, and ministry is no exception to that rule.

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