Pastor/Head of Staff - New York, NY


Listed 07-23-2019
The First Presbyterian Church in the City of New York, 12 West 12th Street, Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011 | 212.675.6150 |
New York, NY
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We are an historic worship community, rooted in and invigorated by New York City, and, more specifically, Greenwich Village - a vibrant, progressive, global community of diverse faiths and intellectual traditions, needs, hopes, talents, and aspirations. We are currently seeking a Pastor/Head of Staff to provide spiritual leadership, pastoral care, administrative oversight, and organizational direction to a staff and congregation of more than 1000 members with a broad emphasis on worship, music, preaching, education, stewardship, mission, outreach, development and involvement of membership, and programs to address the needs of the congregation. Specifically, we are interested in candidates with experience leading a complex, multi-staff congregation as Pastor/Head of Staff or equivalent. (Experience with a large and/or urban congregation a plus.) The ideal candidate will possess a strong understanding of, and experience with, financial management and budgeting, and will be a graduate of a Seminary or Divinity School in the reformed tradition.

The role of the Pastor at First Church is a complex, multifaceted experience that includes more competencies than a checklist could ever capture. We recognize the enormity of this call, and while we do not expect the incoming Pastor to walk on water (at least not on Day 1!), we do ask that the Pastor bring a whole person to the role - intellectual and spiritual passions both connected to and beyond church work; positive and challenging life experiences; a sense of humor; an engagement with the world and the community as a force of good in all the ways that life presents itself: pastor, neighbor, advocate, counselor, friend, leader, and family member.

To the congregation, the Pastor consistently demonstrates strong preaching and worship skills, connecting our rich faith tradition to everyday life through scriptural sermons and worship experiences that are inspiring, moving, applicable, and intellectually meaningful.

Grounded in thoughtfulness, empathy, pragmatism, and experience, the Pastor’s decision making is inclusive and reflective, yet clear and timely for both the congregation and church staff. Motivating, engaging and guiding a congregation of principled New Yorkers to prioritize and mobilize time and financial resources is a layered experience. It is one that requires resilience, humor, wisdom, and the unique ability to face conflict honestly, using challenges to unite the congregation in reconciliation and forgiveness as we make progress towards our collective goals.

The Pastor should be an excellent preacher, well-versed in the world of ideas, theology, and scripture. The Pastor will be asked to lead inspiring and thought-provoking worship services, as well as bring ongoing spiritual mentorship and a steadfast, faithful presence to the programs and lives of our dynamic congregation. Responsibilities also include providing skillful and compassionate pastoral care, ensuring that members of this large, urban church find a personal and personable Pastor when in need. Finally, the incoming Pastor will serve as the future face and voice of this historic congregation. As such, our Pastor is expected to engage with the ideas and issues of our local and global communities, demonstrating both a bold faith and a humble presence in the public sphere.

Along with pastoral responsibilities, the Pastor will be asked to bring experience and wisdom to the role of Head of Staff. This entails overseeing and guiding a team that includes a Director of Music, Director of Finance, Director of Nursery School, as well as additional pastoral staff. Along with empowering and guiding, the Head of Staff will maintain a vision for how the many aspects of this church harmonize to create a cohesive and inspiring experience for congregants, connecting varied elements of the church: worship, internal programming, external service, operations and faculties, into a multilayered experience of what it means to be part of this marvelous, historic, passionate faith community.

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