Cross-Cultural, Urban, Reformed, Ecumenical

Solo Pastor - Itasca, IL


Listed 04-18-2019
First Presbyterian Church, 207 East Center Street, Itasca, IL 60143 | 630-773-9606 |
Itasca, IL
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Full Time

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For over 135 years, First Presbyterian Church of Itasca has been serving the community. Spanning three centuries, our congregation is looking to preserve our history while forging a new path ahead to the future. Our vision is to be a light in our neighborhood, a community of believers inviting all to come, reflect, recharge and rejoice in Christ’s liberating word. We believe in Christ as our Lord and Savior and we welcome all to come and be nourished by hearing the Word preached and reflected in how we live our own lives.

We welcome families of diverse backgrounds and welcome members with varied faith histories. Our congregation is focused on finding the similarities among us and reinforcing the strength of our community of believers. We take pride in the welcoming spirit of our congregation and would like to find new ways to reach out to new members. As members of a congregation we seek to be a source of strength for each other. Whether enjoying fellowship during our popular coffee hour, participating in one of our many church life events, or helping deliver a home cooked meal to an ill member, strong personal connections are the cornerstone of our congregation.

The congregation has traditionally focused on serving the needs of members of the local community where our finite resources may have the greatest impact. We recognize people within our own communities have needs and challenges and that we can be a force of good locally. Our church serves the local community in a number of ways including P.A.D.S. (Public Action to Deliver Shelter), the Itasca Walk-in Ministry and the Itasca Food Pantry. Though we have directed the majority of our efforts to local action, we are concerned about our broader national and global community. We have strived to serve more distant communities through efforts like the Heifer Project and through hygiene kit drives.

We have started a new initiative called “God’s New Thing”, with the goal of reaching out to the local community at large through sponsored events such as the annual Community Blessing of the Animals, distributing ashes at our commuter train station, hosting the community website, which highlights local events year round, and use of social media.

Like many congregations, First Presbyterian Church of Itasca has seen a decline in membership, particularly in the last 20 years. We are looking for a pastor that will help us reclaim the vitality of our church and draw on the untapped resources within our membership. We believe we have the building blocks in place, for example: a small, but enthusiastic group of children, a small, but dedicated choir, an attractive, well maintained facility, a small but faithful group of people interested in reaching out to our local community, etc., to support a renaissance for our church. We hope our pastor will reach out to both men and women in our congregation and get them more involved. We seek a pastor willing to provide aggressive guidance to help us grow our church and reach our potential.

Our congregation requires a pastor with strong leadership qualities. We are looking to our new pastor to help us develop short and long term goals and provide constructive input toward ongoing strategic planning efforts. We will always value the hard work done by the members of the Session, but we will be looking to the new pastor to provide another, fresh viewpoint that will complement and enhance the efforts of the Session. We would anticipate that our new pastor will provide direction for our church, combining the qualities of a strong leader and a receptive, compassionate listener.

We strive to find a candidate who is energetic and proactive and who is excited about inspiring enthusiasm in others. We are looking to our new pastor to energize our congregation. We feel that every member of our congregation, regardless of age or circumstance, has a lot to give, and we are looking for a pastor who can channel our spirits and our enthusiasm. We are hoping our pastor will develop personal relationships with each of the individual members of the congregation and will have an awareness of the blessings and challenges faced by each of our faith families. We are looking for a pastor who is kind and friendly, outgoing, and welcoming to long time members and visitors alike. Our members are looking for a partner who is willing to face the challenges of creating a thriving, sustainable congregation that is adaptable in the face of a rapidly evolving world.

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