Cross-Cultural, Urban, Reformed, Ecumenical

Solo Pastor - Jackson, MO


Listed 05-02-2019
First Presbyterian Church, 206 E. Washington St., Jackson, MO 63755 | 573-243-4265 |
Jackson, MO
Start Date
Full Time

Be sure to check out their MIF #: 20235.AA2 at the for additional information and self-referral instructions. This is suitable for a first call. Includes a housing allowance.

We are known as the church with the red doors and the warm hearts.  As you enter the sanctuary, you feel the welcome of a diverse congregation with a variety of skills, talents, and experiences.  We recognize the importance of ministering to each other within our church family, and to love our neighbors with that same intensity.

We are a seasoned congregation, familiar with the inequities of life.  We draw strength from the foundation of our old hymns and traditions: our Christmas Eve candlelight service, our first Sunday meals, and our Easter sunrise service at Pleasant Hill.  That said, we are prepared to rise to the challenges of a changing culture.  We welcome new programs and ideas, especially those that would be attractive to youth and young children and would help us expand our missions.

We are an outgoing bunch, known in the area for our friendliness, and active both within our church and within the community.  We love to laugh, but are serious about our mission, “to celebrate and act upon our privilege and responsibility of bringing people closer to Jesus Christ.”

We are very outreach oriented, with programs and projects geared toward ministry to people in our community as well as throughout the world. These include collecting food for the local food pantry, contributing to the Heifer Project, and donating to our Mitten Tree at Christmas time. We host many organizations, such as writers and artists groups, and a local beekeepers organization.

We are looking for a pastor who respects the sovereignty of God, exemplifies the grace-filled compassion of Jesus, and boldly steps out in faith while following the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  We want a leader who is comfortable when the way becomes uncomfortable, to challenge us to draw closer God and to run our race with perseverance.

We are seeking someone with fresh eyes who can see the possibilities and is ready and equipped to help us be ready and equipped.  This minister should be energetic, flexible and caring as well as able to recruit new families so the church can grow.

The pastor should be quietly spiritual with a strong core of faith, able to lead by example, and accepting and adaptable with a wide variety of people in various settings.

We want someone who is a thinking person, who will share our creative insights and willingness to be open to new ideas.  We want someone able to speak God’s word in a way that is biblically sound and easy for us to understand, remember, and relate to.

Our new pastor should be available to both active and inactive members, should know when to offer advice, and when to keep quiet. With the knowledge that a leader is a part of the team and realizing that being the boss doesn’t mean you have to be bossy, this minister should be able to lead with energy, intelligence, imagination and, most of all, love.  Leaping tall buildings in a single bound is optional, though obviously a bonus.

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