Cross-Cultural, Urban, Reformed, Ecumenical

Solo Pastor - Petersburg, IL


Listed 04-25-2019
Central Presbyterian Church, 201 W. Douglas, Petersburg, IL 62675 | 217-632-2651 |
Petersburg, IL
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As members of Central Presbyterian Church, we feel called to exemplify the love of Jesus Christ in order to meet the needs of Petersburg, Illinois. Though we may at times feel bewildered by the pace of change around us, we embrace our faith that says God is reshaping the church in ways we cannot yet see! We strive to assume a leadership role as we publicly address and meet challenges together. In view of the strife in the world today, we aspire to have our faith active and visible in our community. Our church demographics are reflective of the larger changes happening in our city, yet our faithful congregation perseveres in its outreach mission. We share the experience of our Lord’s love, grace, and salvation within the community by doing local mission work, serving low-income family needs, increasing ways to attract new members through outreach and caring, making visitors feel wanted and welcome, promoting an exceptional music program, and continuing to make people feel accepted and supported by the congregation. Central’s view of ‘community’ extends beyond Petersburg through support of worldwide mission.

We trust that the Holy Spirit is flowing around and through us, giving us the gifts we need for this ministry and empowering us to fulfill the purpose of our Lord Jesus.

We expect the pastor of Central Presbyterian Church to help us call people to discipleship, to aid in praising God together, and provide the impetus to reach out to the community with the love of Jesus. The pastor will guide the members of Central with the Biblical knowledge needed to improve and carry out our continuing mission activities and lead us in thoughtful ways to increase our participation in serving the members and the community. The one called will furnish leadership in our continuing efforts to fulfill the purpose of our Lord Jesus. Strong pastoral care and counseling expertise will be useful to strengthen ties between members and friends of the church. He/she will provide guidance to our congregation, strengthening our relationship with God and each other, and cultivate a growing, inclusive church home. Our church is full of wonderful people that need nurturing: husbands and wives that need encouragement in guiding their families, seniors looking to stay active in meaningful ways, youth that need education and direction. We at Central desire to follow Jesus’ steps in leading people to God.

The congregation of Central Presbyterian Church anticipates a dynamic, Biblical-based speaker, but is open to a wide variety of sermon deliveries. We welcome a pastor who is confident in spiritual maturity and occasionally willing to ‘stir things up’ in worship with innovative approaches. We expect a teaching elder that will help the congregation understand scripture with sermons that expand on those scriptures. While the worship leader is responsible for the weekly worship service, this leadership extends through contact with the congregation in church groups, small study groups, and church activities, as well as the community while participating and socializing in local events. We are looking for an individual with a yearning for continued spiritual development, guidance, and enhancement through opportunities locally and regionally. Our leader will work to develop strong, committed relationships within our congregation. This person should be comfortable in visiting the sick, homebound, and the nursing homes in the area. A compassionate nature with spiritual grounding will be needed to counsel those experiencing life issues and to maintain the healthy life of the church. We need an enthusiastic leader who is able to instill confidence in our church community for taking on new challenges and working together to serve as disciples in God’s kingdom.

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