Cross-Cultural, Urban, Reformed, Ecumenical

Solo Pastor - Sterling Heights, MI


Listed 04-11-2019
New Life Presbyterian Church, 11300 Nineteen Mile Rd., Sterling Heights, MI 48314 | 586-731-6133 |
Sterling Heights, MI
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We are a warm and welcoming family of believers who support one another in meeting the challenges of life. Our vision adopted in 2018 is “Trusting that God loves us where we are, we are called to lovingly help friends and strangers alike face the challenges of life.” We are a merged congregation committed to unity and have overcome obstacles and grown. We have continued and expanded the ministries of our combined congregation. Although we are predominantly older, we are an intergenerational church family which endeavors to involve all ages in the full life of the church. We especially embrace full participation of all members in our worship life. For example, we delight in having an octogenarian and an eleven-year-old serve as liturgists during worship. We have encouraged the input of the groups that use our church to help us make their experience at our facility better and to help with their outreach. We draw inspiration from energetic and meaningful worship services which includes coordination with our strong music ministry that taps into the musical gifts of our congregation. In five years, we hope to be known as a welcoming church that feeds body and soul and can discuss even the most difficult issues in a calm manner with Christian values. This we hope will be accomplished through building relationships, one person at a time. We believe that this could be best accomplished in a church of 200 to 250 members.

As we strive to be a welcoming family, we see our Pastor as the head of that family providing relational and interpersonal skills. They must be compassionate about not only the people that come to church but to those that may not be able to come, such as those that are homebound, in the hospital or nursing homes. Even though they may not be able to attend regular worship just knowing that a Pastor cares enough to come to them is very uplifting in both body and spirit. The Pastor should feel comfortable reaching out to the congregation as well as to the groups that use our building and to the community around us. With our spiritual outreach, they should provide strong leadership in weighing any new program against our vision, helping to maintain our focus. They should possess the ability to keep us inspired and enthusiastic while exhibiting the skills to find concrete missional expressions that are an extension of our vision and strengths. The Pastor should deliver dynamic, relatable, scripturally-based messages that correspond with and incorporate our strong music ministry. They should be comfortable with a blended service of traditional and contemporary music. They should possess a good sense of humor coupled with humility and the willingness to embrace diverse opinions with grace. 

The candidate will be the shepherd of our congregation. They will connect to our congregation through visitations and interactions with the different groups that use our church. To facilitate this connection, it is expected that the candidate will live within a ten-mile radius of the church. They will preside over weddings and funerals as well as baptisms. They will lead a worship experience that contains scripturally sound, dynamic and relatable messages and coordinates with the music director, choirs and praise band. It is important to work with the Discipleship Growth team to ensure that there are multiple adult education opportunities available as well as a meaningful K-12 program. Keeping the congregation focused on our mission outreach and engaging groups outside the church to join in that mission is a major area of focus. This includes keeping everyone from drifting from the vision as well as encouragement to continue the journey. Participation in the hands-on mission projects such as food baskets and MCREST is encouraged. The candidate is expected to be Head of Staff of the Administrative Assistant, Music Director, and Child Care Supervisor. They also will moderate Session and oversee the Deacons to ensure that they are following the church mission. They will also provide guidance to the committees of the church and the Faithful Listeners visioning group.

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