How Will We Be Known

David Crawford at Prayer Vigil


In an open letter on gun violence across our nation and the world, McCormick President David H. Crawford reminds us that we are not simply spectators to history. Together, we can help bend the arc of the moral universe toward justice, faithful love, and humility. Read his letter to the community, When you love each other.

I have struggled to write this piece. In my relatively short time as President of this seminary, I have written on Charlottesville and Las Vegas, Pittsburgh and Christchurch. I’ve written and commented on hate, violence, and injustice in our city and others. One might think with so much practice, it would be easier. But it isn’t. Yet, I, and others, we keep writing. We write to find answers; to find hope; to console. We write because we hope that in our words we might find a salve to soothe our souls. ... Read the full article.