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Starting Fall 2018, McCormick launched a new initiative that will directly benefit students, teachers and church pastors alike.

The Initiative for Incarnational Ethics is a new project that was established to articulate Christian ethics grounded in social justice and embodied encounters. The central tasks of the Initiative are recognizing the sovereignty of God over all of life, taking seriously the social commandments of Jesus and practicing continual repentance. The initiative aims to help recalibrate, in the church and society, what it means to be human and Christian away from harmful ideals, towards a healthy reality. The task of recalibration will aid in the elimination of barriers that prevent us from recognizing the image of God in all human life and keep us from being together in true community.

In order to build an incarnational ethic, the Initiative will include four basic components:

  1. An annual consultation/conversation with local pastors representing a collaboration between the church and the academy, aimed at constructing a church based incarnational ethic.
  2. A series of faculty conversations each academic year focusing on incarnational ethics in our interdisciplinary context. These faculty conversations will assess and define the value of incarnational ethics,… more

Other news

The Center for Faith and Service at McCormick Seminary, announced today its annual list of Seminaries that Change the World (STCTW;


Clyde Owens Bowles, Jr. passed away October 12, 2018. He was the beloved husband of Alice who passed away February 1, 2018. Clyde was the son of Clyde and Carrie Thacker Bowles.


Como saben, este programa es el fruto de muchos años de relaciones y un arduo trabajo de amor encabezado por el Reverendo Dr.